Welcome to our chronograph watch dials page. You'll find Valjoux, Venus, and Landeron dials here irregardless
of brand name on them.
email us us if you have questions.  We will add more to this page as time permits.
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Valjoux 7734 dial branded
Electra, Date at 12 position
on this one. Dial is dark blue
with raised tach ring.
Valjoux 23 dial ArsA brand
name, Dial is black color
and in excellent condition,
Tritium glow great.
Beautiful dial. Perfect like
new condition
Chronograph dial very good
used condition. Dial posts
are at 12 and 42 minutes.
Not sure what this one fits.
We do know it
does not fit
the Valjoux 72, 23 or
Landeron 48, 39, or Venus
175. It was tried on all of
these movements.
Very nice old dial!