Welcome to our Omega case codes(case reference) number page.
This page explains what the 6 to 8 digit case code number means(the number stamped inside the case back of omega watches). Each of the first
three digits gives you information as to what type of watch it is, what type of movement went into it and if the case is water resistant or a dress
style case. This information will give you some insights into which omega movements were in which cases. It will also help you ascertain
authenticity of an Omega wrist watch that has modern codes stamped into the inside case back cover. Feel free to ask question if you need to.
Please use this page as a reference when ever you need to. We have literally thousands of pages of Omega info in our reference library starting
from the early 1900's through present. We can not post it all here, but this little bit may help you. Hope this info helps you. Please note the picture
of the page was taken sideways. This was the best way to fit it all in one picture.
Curious how to read the chart? Here is an example. Omega case code 595.0055. The first 5 means that this is a
ladies watch. The second digit is a 9 so that means the watch case had an electronic movement in it(anything that
used a battery to power it). The third digit is a 5 and this means that the case is water resistant meaning that the
crown used on this case has and O ring in it. The last 4 digits of the case code are called the serial number that
being the numbers 0055.
Another example is the case reference number 178.0514. The first digit means that it is a mens watch, second
digit is the 7 meaning this case contains a self winding chronograph movement. Third digit is the 8 meaning this
case is water resistant for a chronometer calendar movement. The last  four digits are the serial number.
The first second and third numbers of the case code coincide with the columns #1,2,&3 and their explanations
shown in the picture. Hope this helps.
Thank You for visiting!
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