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1 Fusee watche Harris
Wise &co. Harris wise in
solid English silver case.
Missing balance
wheel&bridge. Looks like
good chain. M Burt watch
is already sold from this
lot so you will only get the
Harris watch. Disregard
the older Burt watch.
$25.00usd for the one
that is on the left side
of the picture
2 antique cylinder
watches. Huit(miverva)
and Argent. Huit is a 10
jewel mvt. Is a complete
watch minus hands. Staff
broken, solid silver case
was plated with gold at
one point(vermil), stem
wind button set. Argent is
key wind/set, missing
balance bridge, hands,
etc. Solid silver case
$30.00usd for the pair
Longines Grand Prix 1889
Pocket watch. Partial Mvt.
superb solid silver hunter
case. The movement is
great for parts as you can
see it is missing several
important parts but has
many that can be used to
fix other movements.
Escape wheel is bad. The
caliber is 1880. Case and
movements serial
numbers match. The case
is missing the bezel.

Case hinges
and lock work
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