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Zodiac Autographic (AS
1298) dial and hands.
Complete set, original
unrefinished. The dial has a
blemish from the Radium
hands as you can see. This
is a very nice set ready for
that old Zodiac. Good
candidate for refinish or
leave it like it is.
Zodiac Glorious Automatic
dial. Grey and gold colors
with raised Zodiac symbol
and a cool looking gold ring
which has the 4 markers
attached to it. This dial fits
the Caliber 70 which was
the movement that
preceded the  72 and 72 B
models which had date. The
70 did not thus this dial has
no date window. Super nice
used dial with it's original
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Zodiac dial to fit caliber 76.
Extremely nice used dial.
See pics for diameter and
Zodiac Seawolf dial. Gloss
black with silver markers
and Tritium luminous. It still
glows. Very nice Seawolf
dial in original condition. It
has never been refinished.
It does have a blemish, but
nothing the really detracts
from the beauty of it. See
pics for diameter and the