Welcome to our assorted wrist and pocket watch dials page.  email us us if you have questions.  We will add more
to this page as time permits. Dials below are all from different brands and fits all different movment calibers. Each
is maked as to what it goes to.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Farve-Leuba Geneve Quartz
Harpoon Dial.
Dia=20.47mm. Slightly
used. Very nice.
Hebdomas 8 day clock dials
lot of 5 of them with
escapement display holes.
New old stock some
storage blemishes. Note
pictures for diameter and
feet position.
Jules Jurgensen dial fits
Vulcain 65MS or 657. Ok set
of hands included.
Extremely nice dial.
Roy Rogers dial. Fits
Ingersol or Bradley I do
believe. Not exactly sure.
Nice old dial though for a
collector of old character
watches. Has blemishes,
but still very nice.
Rocar dial mix. All dials are
new old stock. Not sure
what calibers these fit.
Rocar was an MST brand so
these will fit MST
movements, just not sure
which calibers.  Vintage
dials from the 1940's and
1950's lots of styles to
choose from. Great for art
collage or watch
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