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Welcome to our chronograph watch case and case parts page. email us if you have questions.  We will add more
to this page as time permits.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Valjoux 72C chronograph
case. Stainless steel back,
chrome plated Nickle bezel
ready to drop your Valjoux
72C movement into. Fits
33mm dial. This case
comes with the chrono
push buttons, corrector
buttons with extensions,
crystal, case back gasket,
movement spacer ring. The
only thing you don't get is a
winding crown.
Price reduced from
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Small all stainless steel
chrono movement. fits 12
linge movements like the
Movado 90 or 95M not sure
what else it would fit. New
old stock case complete.
Gilt chrono case lightly used
with some light brassing on
under side of lugs. Fits the
Valjoux 23 movement and
similar movement of the
same size and height.
All stainless steel chrono
case. New old stock. Fits
the Valjoux 23 movement
and similar movement of
the same size and height.
Chrono case for 12.5
maybe 13 ligne chorno
movements. For stop
watch movement(one
button) and it has a very
unique rotating bezel so
you can mark stop time
See pics for dimensions.
This is an incomplete case
it is missing the case back
as well as button. Chrome
plated brass case.
Chrono case see pics for
dimensions. Not sure
which movement would fit
this case. Back is marked
Record Watch company.
Solid stainless steel case.
New old stock. Fits dials
with 33.18 diameter. The
crystal is glass not plastic.
Valjoux 72C case spacer
ring. New old stock. 1 in
Chrono case to fit Venus
188, Valjoux 7730, 7733.
Includes an ugly orange
dial that fits the Venus 188
only. The crown is a screw
down type and has a stem
that fits the above
calibers. The case is used
and is missing the rotating
bezel. It is a solid stainless
steel case and the
pushers are sticky so they
need to be cleaned up. The
crown threads on tight.
Chrono case to fit Valjoux
7750 new old stock with
one missing pusher and
one bad pusher cap and
screw. It will need new
pusher caps and screws
as well as the springs.
Cool 70's square shape all
stainless case. New old
stock, but has some
storage foam stuck here
and there.