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Longines hands fits Caliber
340. These are genuine and
used, but very nice with
some patina. Great set of
unique Longines hands.
Hr=9mm, min= 12mm
Longines hands fits caliber
340 has sweep sec hand in
set. These hands are
luminous style gilt hands.
These are genuine and
used, but very nice for your
vintage project. Hr=9mm,
min=12.5mm, sec=11.5mm
Longines 18.79ABC hands.
Here we have two sets of
hands for that caliber.
Lengths shown in pictures.
The fancy set has some
light rust, but steel hands
are very easy to refinish.
You can paint then or
re-blue them with heat
once cleaned up. There are
two complete sets here.
For those of you that want
"ready to go" hands we can
refinish the bad set at an
additional cost. Just ask.
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