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Welcome to our Rolex branded watch case and case parts page(crowns are listed on Rolex parts page). email us
if you have questions.  We will add more to this page as time permits.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Rolex case back,
mens' used in superb
condition. Perfect
threads no scratches.
See pics for detail
Rolex ladies steel
bezel. Genuine Rolex
bezel from a bezel
swap. Customer
changed it for an after
market bezel with
diamonds. See pics
for dimensions.
Rolex case back,
Ladies used in
superb condition.
Perfect threads. See
pics for details
Rolex Ladies case from the
1930's with wire lugs. This
case fits the 600 caliber
movement. The dial is
designed for the very early
caliber 600 that was set up
for an open face type of PW
case so the dial will not fit a
movement that has
seconds at 6. Comes with
the hands. The case is 9
karat solid rose gold as
can be see from the
markings inside the case.
The dial was refinished at
some point so it is not
original, but is a nice
refinish job. Ready for your