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Welcome to our Universal Geneve branded watch case and case parts page. email us if you have questions.  We
will add more to this page as time permits.
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Universal Geneve case
back for case housing the
Valjoux 7730. Used case
back. See pics for dimms
and condition.
1 available.
Universal geneve case for
Valjoux caliber 23(UG
caliber 84). Complete new
old stock case with crystal.
The crown and crystal are
not signed. Case is 100%
genuine though. UG did not
use a signed crown or
crystal in this model. This
case came from an
assembly facility so it had
not been serialized or had
the reference number put
on the case back yet. It was
stored loose so it has
surface scratches. Nothing
that can not be cleaned up.
The case seems to be
missing the movement
spacer for the Valjoux. This
case fits Valjoux 23 only.
Reason is the placement of
the pushers. The Valjoux 23
lower pusher is farther from
center of the stem versus
the upper pusher. This is the
same with any 23 based
5 in stock.
Item# UGCS#2