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Waltham 16s hand pair. Flat
black paint color. New old
stock waltham hands. RR
spade style. Lengths
Item# WAL16shnd
Waltham 12s sub sec hands
2 piece lot. Blue steel 6mm
long. Hole is .20mm. New
old stock waltham.
Waltham 3/0-0s sub sec
hands 2piece lot. Blue steel
4mm long. Hole is .15mm.
New old stock waltham
Waltham 0s hands pair.
Thin spade, blue steel,
lengths 10mm & 13.5mm.
New old stock waltham
Waltham 12s hands pair,
your choice, one price. 5
styles to choose from. Just
note in the message
portion of your paypal
payment which style you
want when you check out.
What you see is all the
styles and colors we have
in stock. These are new old
stock Waltham
hands.Minute lengths are
18mm/Hour lengths range
from 13-14.5mm long.
Waltham 18s model 1857
pocket watch hands. Hour
and sub sec only. Minute is
missing. See pics for
Waltham 16s hand set
hour, minute, sub sec. See
lengths in pics.
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