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Welcome to our Waltham branded watch case and case parts page. email us if you have questions.  We will add
more to this page as time permits.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Waltham 12 size movement
container form the late
1800's. This is what
Waltham would have
shipped a complete
movement in so as to keep
it clean and protected
during shipping and
storage. Very nice case and
glass is perfect.
Waltham wristwatch case
for American movements
with diameter of 27.5mm.
Includes OK dial. Chrome
plated bezel with stainless
steel snap back. Includes
crown, stem, and sleeve. In
good cond, but needs
cleaning. Email for dimms.
Waltham wristwatch case
solid stainless snap back
case with bad crystal.
Superb case fits 11.5 ligne
movements or 6/0 size
american mvts.
Waltham case for American
movement. Looks like 3/0  
or 6/0 size. MVT diameter
28.1mm Chrome plated.
Back and bezel  has
brassing.  Includes a good
metal dial and case tube.
Email for more pics.
Waltham Pioneer case,
has monogram, and date
on stainless case back.
fits Walthan 750
movements. In good cond
with some plating wear.
Has an old stretch band on
it. Email us for dimensions.
Waltham American ladies
case. New old stock very
Waltham wristwatch case.
fits AS 1802/03 movement.
some light brassing needs
a polish.