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Welcome to our wristwatch and pocket watch, generic watch cases page. email us if you have questions.  We will
add more to this page as time permits. You'll find American and swiss generic vintage cases here.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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11.5 ligne rolled gold plated
case. new old stock
complete with crystal and
crown. Crown is wrapped
in tissue. Bezel is gold
plated with back being all
stainless steel. Email us for
10.5 ligne swiss case, new
old stock, gilt with
movement ring. Excellent
condition. Does not have
crystal. Email us for
Two piece back old Bulova
style case. Marked for Auto
movements. Fits 10, 11, &
12 ligne mvts. Stainless
back chrome bezel. Has
crystal, back, and screw
down ring. We have many
of these so if you need
more than one just change
quantity when you pay.
$9.00usd each
18mm lugs, 33mm dia,
9.5mm thick. New old
stock. we have around 30
in stock
swiss three piece case for
10.5ligne mvt. Stainless
steel snap back light use.
Very good cond. Email for
Cases below are swiss movement
cases pocket and wrist
0 size hunter style Pocket
watch case for American
movements. This is a
superb case in almost like
new condition. This is a
customized case with
beautiful solid gold overlay.
There is Green, Pink, and
Yellow gold here. Stunning
work by a very skilled
goldsmith. The case is
complete with glass crystal
and functions properly.
Ready for a high grade
movement. This is a
Philadelphia brand 25 year
Cases below are Amreican movement
cases pocket and wrist
Yellow gold plated
wristwatch case with
stainless steel back for
manual wind incabloc watch
swiss made from the 60's
fits 28.4mm movement.
More than one available.
Email for stock on hand.
Napoleon IWC Co case.
Chrome plated made for a
3/0 size movement. has
edge decor. back has
some plating wear. Good
condition.  Email us for
American case for 4/0 size
movements. Nickeloid
metal. Very nice case for
your old American
movement or a swiss
movement with 26.7mm
Keystone Ladies case. Fits
American 6/0 size
movement. 14KGF fixed
lug case, Octagonal,
superb, beautifully
decorated, with it's band.
Band is stainless steel
marked Pontiac and
works properly. This is a
superb circa 1920's case
and band. Very light wear.
Napoleon watch case IWC
Company, Fits 23.35mm
movement. Chrome or
white gold plated from
what we can tell. Very nice
case no plating wear, but
someone scratched an R
in the outside case back. It
can be polished out  
Starwhite watch complete
case cushion style, for
American movements
with negative stem, RGP
case , very clean case, no
plating wear superb case
fits 24.9mm mvt diameter
or 6/0 size movement. Has
origainl gassl crystal and
crown with stem.
American cushion case to
fit 0 size movement. Solid
nickel case with the
screw in case tube for
American style stem. This
one is a diamond in the
rough. With some polish it
will look great. Click small
pics for large pics.
Watch case solid nickel, no
name, Hinged back, fits
23.34mm mvt, great cond,
with wear to the bezel on
the crown side. Email for
more pics
Acme case fits movement
23.5mm diameter. Rolled
plated. Very nice case,
hinged back. No brassing.
Nice case email for more
Ladies all stainless steel
case with fixed lugs and
original glass crystal. Fits
24.8mm X 15.3mm
movement.  Very nice case
very little wear. email for
more pics
Ladies Hexagonal shaped
case with hinged back and
fixed lugs, Super nice case.
It is chrome over brass and
has no wear through
plating. This one is branded
Best and Extra Quality.
Super condition fits 23.5mm
Chrome case, very nice
exterior, has brassing
inside the case back
though, No holes in the
case. Great old case with
hinged back. Fits 23.4mm
mvt. email for more pics
Wadsworth case for 10.5
11.5 ligne movement. Nice
old fancy case . click the
thumbnails to see the case.
Mimo case to fit Font 53
movement. #19039. Very
nice white gold filled case.
Click pics for larger pics.
Sterling silver nuns PW
case marked 925. fits 10
ligne movement. New old
stock case. Needs
polishing. Has original tag.
Solid coin silver marked
800. For 12.5 ligne Cylinder
movement marked 10 rubis.
Very nice Nurse or Nuns
watch case. Note pics for
ETA 2365 auto wind mvt
cases one pair, ladies sizes.
Both cases all stainless
steel in super condition.
One branded Enicar with
dial and other unbranded
with milber dial.
ETA Ladies Case to fit
Caliber 2410. This case is
new old stock and is tiny.
Bezel is gilt and case back
is stainless steel screw
down style. Swiss made
very high quality case
Item ETACS2410
Sutton curvex style case
with Barstow dial. This case
is new old stock. Fits 10.5
ligne mvt with sub seconds.
Stainless steel back gold
plated bezel. Email for
Monarch case cushion
case for American
movements. Looks like 3/0
or 6/0 movement. 28.3mm
movement. Has brassing
but could be replated
easily. email for more pics
Illinois American ladies
case. New old stock case.
Nery nice.
American wristwatch case
for 3/0 movements.
Cushion shape in very good
condition for it age and
ready for your old
American movement. It will
fit any American 3/0
movement with American
style stem.
American pocket watch
case. Keystone brand
silveroid. Very heavy case
for stem wind and set or
stem wind lever set
American movements. Has
normal wear for its age.
Faint train engraving on the
outside back. Needs new
crown. Serial 405010
Blind persons watch case.
This case has a button on
the side that releases the
spring loaded bezel. It flips
open you a blind person can
feel the hands and dial of the
watch so that they can tell
time. It is a new old stock
case with an inner diameter
of 23.45. This fits a 10.25 to
10.5 ligne movement. Glue
on back will come off with
some alcohol on a rag.