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Welcome to our Wittnauer and Wyler branded watch case and case parts page. email us if you have questions.  
We will add more to this page as time permits.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Wittnauer case with original
band. Drivers style case,
10K gold filled. Cool U
shaped lugs. Super light
wear. Very nice snaps
together tightly. Band is
missing one of the outer
caps. Fits Revue 73
Wyler case bezel solid 10K
gold for case #1162. New
old stock.
Wittnauer case with dial,
hands, mvt ring, and week
day disc. Light wear. Very
nice screws together tightly.
Fits the caliber D11KAS
model which is the same as
the Longines 501 and 505
movement. Needs new
crystal and a crown. Super
nice case and dial ready for
your movement.
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Wittnauer military
case. Missing the case
back. The case is gold
filled and fits the
caliber 10TS. It has the
spacer ring and
original crown as well