Case spacer assortment 50
pieces, varying diameters
and shapes. All metal rings
for round cases. Very nice
assortment for anyone
repairing watches. Pictures
are of a sample lot. Every lot
will be slightly different. If
you want more than 50pcs
contact us via
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about availability
Case spacer assortment of
15 for fancy cases.
Assorted shapes and sizes.
Very nice asst for anyone
repairing watches. Unique
hard to find styles very
handy to have when you
need them.
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about availability
Watch Case clamps
assortment 100 pieces.
Measure 2mm wide and
3.27mm long with a
slightly bent end to
clamp a movement in a
case tightly. I believe
these were meant for
older ETA movements,
but they can be used
where ever you like.
These are a very handy
item to have when you
have either missing
clamps or bad clamps.
These are a good
general size for most
watches. If you want
more that 100 pcs
Click here to ask
about availability