Welcome to our project watches page. The watches listed below are great as restoration projects or for use as spare parts
to fix other watches. We have supplied a brief description of each watch we have. The list is in alphabetical order. We do
restoration work so if you see something you like and you want us to restore it, just ask for restoration pricing as well.

us if you find something you like.
Alpina fixed lug ladies watch silver cushion case .800 silver content tavannes 022 movement 15 jewel sub sec runs Needs: cleaning
Andre Piasso, ladies watch, 17 jewel autowind, ETA 2688 mvt, date @3, runs Needs: cleaning, new crystal, crown, stem, hour marker reattached to 12 pos
Arnex ladies PW hunter GF case, manual wind, superb cond, runs, 17 jewel, Savoie 238 mvt, Needs Cleaning
Baron manual wind, 21jewel, sweep sec, date @3, Savoie P75 mvt, runs, all stainless steel case Needs: cleaning, crystal
Benrus manual wind friction fit waterproof case, sweep sec, runs, nickel/chrome bezel ss back Needs: crystal, cleaning
Benrus manual wind, 17 jewel sweep sec, 70's retro chrome w/ss back case, runs, hamazawa mvt, Needs: cleaning, crown, crystal
Benrus sweep sec, friction fit waterproof GF case, runs Needs: crystal, cleaning, dial refinish, crown
Benrus tank style GF case, 17 jewel, sub sec, runs Needs; cleaning
Benrus two piece friction fit waterproof GF case with original benrus stretch band runs needs: dial refinish, cleaning
Boulevard auto wind with date and reserve power indicator, 17 jewel ETA 1258 movement, winds and sets and will run with cleaning. Needs:cleaning
Bulova autowind 23jewel, sweep sec, black dial, 10BPAC mvt, generic all stainless case, will run Needs; cleaning, stem, crown, dial refinish
Bulova drivers style wristwatch, in rose god filled case, 7AP movement, 21 jewels, has very nice copper color dial, winds, sets, runs Needs: cleaning, crystal
Bulova flared tank style GF case, 10EA mvt, black dial, runs, lots of wear to the case Needs: crystal, crown, stem, sub sec hand
Bulova ladies watch, decorative GF case, N6 date code, 6CL2 mvt, tries to run Needs clening&repair
Bulova manual wind tank watch GF case, two hand type, elegant, 17 jewel 7BPP mvt, will run, M6 date code Needs: cleaning, slight hsp adjust
Bulova pink 14k RGP hidden lugs mens watch 1950's vintage 10AX 17 jewel movement sub sec running Needs:cleaning, dial refinish, hands, cannon pinon
Bulova pocket watch, manual wind, 1960's ish, winds sets and run, 17 jewel, 17AH movement. Needs:Cleaning
Bulova tank style case L4 date code 10BT mvt will run Needs: cleaning sub sec hand, new setting parts, dial refinish
Bulova tank style cs GF w/vintage metal band, 7AK 21jewel mvt, sub sec, will run Needs; cleaning, some repair, dial refinish
Caravelle autowind, sweep sec, day/date @3, 21 jewel, Gold plated bezel w/ss back, AS1816 mvt, will run Needs: cleaning, balance jewels
Caravelle manual wind, 17 jewel, sweep sec, date @3, chrome case w/ss back runs Needs: cleaning, new crystal, crown
Caravelle manual wind, sweep sec, chrome bezel ss back, boys size watch, N6 date code, 11DO mvt, runs Needs: cleaning
Caravelle pocket watch 1973 date code , sweep sec 17 jewel gilt case very nice running AS1950 movement Needs: cleaning
Caravelle PW from the early 70's, almost like new, Chrome case, sweep sec, 7 jewel, 11DO mvt, will run Needs: roller table, cleaning
Caravelle selfwind, date at 3, sweep sec, runs,  chrome bezel, ss back Needs: new crystal, cleaning, dial refinish
Clinton autowind, 17 jewel, sweep sec, date @3, Day @12, Felsa 4009 mvt, runs, GF case w/ss back, Needs; cleaning, crystal
Clinton manual wind, sweep sec, 7 jewel, runs, fluted round GF case Needs: cleaning
Crosby 17 jewels sweep sec, all stainless case, will run, ST 92 mvt Needs: cleaning some repair, crown, crystal
Croton autowind, 25 jewel, sweep sec, all ss case, ETA 1256 mvt, runs Needs: cleaning, dial refinish, crystal
Croton manual wind mens gold plated watch 17 jewel sweep sec UTC 29 movement Needs Cleaning
Den-ro 17 jewel sweep sec mens watch 1960's vintage runs Looks like A Schild movement not sure of caliber Needs: cleaning
Elgin 19 , 13/0 american mvt, 19 jewels, GF case with stainless back, like new, w/vintage stretch band, Needs dial refinish, cleaning
Elgin self-wind shockmaster, 17 jewel, sweep sec, all S steel case, boys size, Elgin 643 mvt runs Needs: cleaning
Elgin shockmaster selfwind, swiss mvt model 643, sweep sec, all stainless case, will run Needs: balance cap & hole jewel & spring, cleaning, crystal
Elgin slim tank style extreme curved case, 14kgf case, 21jewel 15/0 mvt rusty non-running Needs: cleaning and repair, crystal, crown, dial refinish
Elgin sportsman has Jeambrun movement, non running, 17 jewels, sunb sec, has good balance, has some rust on crown wheel and ratchet wheel, Needs: Sold as non running for parts only
Elgin tank style GF case, two hand type, 18/0 mvt U.S. made, runs, vintage 12K amcraft GF band, Needs: crystal, hands, cleaning, one lug straightened, dial refinish
Fleurier watch, manual wind, sweep sec, 17 jewel, runs, all stainless case Needs Cleaning, sweep sec hand, crystal
Gruen Veri-thin, manual wind w/silver and gold ciolor dial, really cool looking, from the 1940's winds sets runs has caliber 435, cool original stretch band as well, Needs:cleaning, crystal
Helbros cushion style case GF case, 17 jewel, sub sec runs Needs: cleaning, dial refinish
Helbros invincible manual wind 21 jewel, sweep sec, runs, GF bezel w/ss back Needs; cleaning, crystal, crown
Hilton wristwatch askew style chrome case w/ss back, Cool watch, 17 jewel, sweep sec, manual wind, stem@3:30 pos Needs, cleaning, dial refinish, crystal
Hudson precision, Pink GF tank shaped case, manual wind, 7 jewel sub sec, AS970 mvt, non-running but good staff Needs: cleaning, repair
Hydepark enicar manual wind, sweep sec, 17 jewel, copper dial, chrome case w/ss back will run Needs: cleaning, crystal, crown
Jubilee Pocket watch, manual wind, sweep sec, day/date @3, runs, chrome two piece case Needs: cleaning
Midland sportsman manual wind, chrome bezel w/ss back, 17 jewel sweep sec, runs, AS1294mvt Needs: cleaning, crystal, crown
Mido multifort ladies watch, unique water resistant case with slid locks on the sides, balance is good, but movement is very dirtly, it should rund fine once cleaned, winds and sets. Needs: cleaning
Mido power wind multifort ladies watch 607P movement stainless case tiny auto movement runs! needs: cleaning and new rotor axle
Mimo manual wind,  tank style GF case, 17 jewel, ETA 900 mvt, runs, sub sec, Needs cleaning, crystal, one lug straightened, some dings worked out of case back
Osco parat manual wind, sweep sec, 17 jewels, Osco cal 65 mvt, will run, like new watch Needs: Cleaning
Parker manual wind, FE 233-68 movement, 17 jewel, wind sets and runs, almost NOS condition. Needs:cleaning
Savillon autowind, sweep sec, 17 jewel, early rotor auto ETA 1256 mvt will run, chrome bezel, ss back Needs: cleaning
Seiko Kenetic with indicator , date@6, sweep sec, yellow plated stainless case trys to run Needs: capacitor, new band clasp, cleaning
Sportsman selfwind, sweep sec, date @3, chrome case w/ss back runs Needs: cleaning, new crystal
Victor Baylor manual wind, 7 jewel, sweep sec, chrome bezel w/ss back, runs, Herman Becker 1151 mvt Needs: cleaning
Waltham autowind, 17 jewel, sweep sec, day/date @3, PUW1463 mvt, non-running Needs:cleaning and repair, crown
Waltham manual wind sweep sec date@6 70's retro case, GF case, runs Needs: Crystal polish, crown, cleaning
Waltham manual wind, sweep sec 17 jewel, day/date @3, 70's retro GF case w/ss back, SGT100-s mvt runs Needs: cleaning
Waltham Premier, drivers style GF case, 870 mvt, runs, sub sec, manual wind Needs; Cleaning
Wyler manual wind, two tone, incaflex, sweep sec, broken staff, all stainless 1pc case w/gold bezel ring, ETA mvt, Needs; cleaning, staff, crystal, crown
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