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Welcome to our ETERNA watch dials page.  email us us if you have questions.  We will add more to this page as
time permits.
If you don't see what you need just ask. We may be able to help.
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Eterna dial for the
Eternamatic 3000 deluxe
fwatch. The dial its the
ETE 1500K movement.
This dial was in a solid
18K gold case and the dial
is solid 18K as well as the
hour hand that comes
with this dial. This is a
superb solid gold dial
ready for that vintage
Eterna watch. Dial is
marked 18K 0.750 on
back. Dial is genuine and
is solid 18K gold. Weight
is 3 to 4 grams on my
postage scale.  Nice
heavy dial lots of gold. I
marked the back of the
dial with mfg/caliber info
with a marker. It will come
off with some rubbing
alcohol and a soft cloth.