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Ladies Waltham 17 jewel,
sweep sec, covered winding,
Very nice looking watch great
for every day wear. This would
be a great Nurse watch
because of the sweep sec
hand. It has a French Ebauche
movement in it and was made
in the mid 70's. It is a very
dependable watch ready to
wear. The measurements are
22mm dia with crown, 30mm
lug to lug, 8mm thick.
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Note to all:
Don't like a particular band(bracelet)
selection we have made for a watch?
That can be changed easily. Just
ask. In some instances we can do it
at no extra charge.
Tissot camping turler ladies
watch. This has the Tissot
13.6-21 sweep sec, 17 jewel
movement in it. This is an early
sweep second ladies watch
made by Tissot/Omega. This
movement is based on the
Omega 13.5 movement made
by Omega. The movement has
the sweep second friction
spring with the ruby jewel set
into it. The watch is in super
condition considering it's age.
serial number is 3339998. It
has am new gilt crown on it and
crystal as well as a vintage
new old stock JB brand brown
leather band on it. The case is
gilt over stainless steel and the
snap on back is all stainless
steel and is marked as shown
in the pictures. This is one rally
nice original tissot ladies
watch. The dimensions are
24mm wide w/crn, 22mm w/o
crn, 29mm lug to lug, and
8.3mm thick
The case has some plating
wear as can be seen but
nothing that detracts from the
beauty of this one. The dial is
original and shows patina. It
has never been refinished.
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Pierre Cardin men's dress
watch. This is a beautiful
super thin men's watch. It has
an ETA quartz movement in it.
It is keeping superb time. It
has a new suede leather band
on it with Gilt buckle. The case
is all stainless steel and the
bezel is solid 14K gold. We put
in a brand new sapphire
crystal during servicing as
well. The black and white dial
is perfect with it's roman
numerals and  date aperture
at 6 position.
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Waltham Vanguard 23 jewel,
stem wind, lever set at 11
O'clock, pocket watch. Rail
Road grade. Serial#29308930.
Solid Gold center wheel and
jewel settings as well as
balance timing  screws. Timed
to 6 positions. Beautifully
decorated movement in a very
unique Rail Road case which is
10KGF.  Movement is perfect as
is the dial and glass crystal.
Case has a few light dings in
the back, but very hard to see.
This is a very unique case as
you can see. Very beautiful old
Waltham. The Movement is the
grade 1623, model 1908. Made
around 1936-37. Keeps superb
time and the watch is all
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From $445.00
Waltham 10 size Colonial A
model 1924, 17 jewel pocket
watch, pendant wind and set.
This one was made around
1940 and is in a superb clean
thin case with low profile bow
and crown similar to a rail road
pocket watch case. This watch
is all original and is fully
serviced and ready to go. It is
keeping superb time. The
crystal on this watch is the
original glass crystal and has
some light scratches, but
nothing that detracts from its'
appearance. The hands and dial
on this watch are all original
genuine Waltham parts from
the 1940's. The numbers on the
metal dial are slightly raised
and polished to a high golden
shine. The case is 10K rolled
gold plated and is super clean
as well. Watch measures
44mm diameter, 10mm thick
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Bulova wristwatch 10K gold
filled case with 7AK movement.
This is one really cool vintage
Bulova from the 1940's to mid
1950's. It has a very nice
deployment style bracelet on it.
This bracelet is original to the
watch and was cutting edge for
when it was made. The
bracelet really makes this
watch and is super
comfortable to wear. It fits a
7.25 to 8.5 inch wrist. It can be
adjusted at the clasp. Watch is
running nicely and keeps great
time. The screws and ratchet
wheel and crown wheel have
been blued to really make the
movement look great. Case
does have a few dings around
the winding crown as can be
seen, but nothing that detracts
from the look and function.
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Elgin 18 size Rail Road grade,
key wind key set, pocket watch
face case. This case is a nice
coin silver Dueber brand. It has
dings and wear, but nothing
that detracts from its beauty
and function
in my opinion. All
of the covers snap down
tightly. It has a new thick glass
crystal in the case. Crystal is
"new old stock" from about the
same period as the watch was
made. The single sunk
porcelain dial has hairlines as
can be seen, but nothing bad.
Very nice shape for 140 years.
This is a very nice example of a
140 year old watch. The
movement is the H. H. Taylor
and is a 15 jewel, adjusted
movement. It is the model 1,
grade 58 movement with the
slow train. This one was made
in 1873. It runs great and
keeps very good time. All plate
serial number match. This is
not a scabbed together
movement. It is in it's original
case. It
does not come with a
key. We do sell those
separately. You will need one
so that you can wind and set
the watch.  
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